Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves Review

icon justice touchscreen gloves

The Icon Justice Touchscreen Gloves provide an old solution to a modern problem. Many new touchscreen devices, such as GPS's iPad's, SmartPhones, and other electronics use a capacitive touchscreen. What that means is that the device registers input via an electrical charge. Your skin contains an electrical charge (unless you are a zombie) and therefore when you touch the screen with your bare finger the machine recognizes your touch.

motorcycle gear reviews: Warmthru Battery Heated Gloves

When riding in cooler temperatures one of the first things you notice after several minutes of riding is that your hands get cold very fast!

warmthru battery heated gloves

Alpinestars Apex Leather Pants Review

alpinestars apex leather pants

There is a three tiered equilibrium between comfort, functionality, and
style that must be perfectly balanced to achieve riding perfection.

Street riding pants provide you with unbeatable comfortable and a large
range of motion, while racing leathers protection you with maximum abrasion
resistance and armor. If we could only have the best of both worlds -
that's where the Apex pants come into play.