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Bohn Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants Review

By flood - Posted on 04 August 2008

bohn cool air bodyguard adventure pants

Out of all riding gear that most motorcycle rider's neglect to wear is proper riding pants. Armored riding pants are bulky and inconvenient to wear between rides. Motorcycle pants are also not the most fashionable attire to wear around at work or to a party with friends. This causes most riders to wear the bare minimum leg protection such as the rider's choice default - denim jeans.

Bohn - the maker of several types of motorcycle body armor, has a solution that provides motorcyclists with the protection they need and the convenience of being able to wear casual clothes - the Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants.

The Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants are designed to be worn underneath jeans and other types of casual pants. Like most motorcycle armored pants they have armor in the knees, however, they provide much more protection by providing armor in the shins, hips, thighs, and tailbone as well - having protection in all these areas is rare in the world of non-racing leg armor.


The Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants are not meant to be stylish themselves, but rather allow the rider to wear whatever stylish pants they desire overtop of the armored pants. Jeans and other snug (but not tight) fitting pants are able to be worn over-top of the pants so the rider does not need to worry about wearing loose fitted clothing to ensure they can be pulled over the armor (although a pair of pants on of a more generous sizing would probably be best).


Each armor piece is removable for replacement or when washing the pants themselves.

Bohn's Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure version utilizes a nylon mesh material that is breathable providing excellent airflow through the pants, however, it should be noted that wearing the Adventure pants underneath jeans is warmer than simply wearing jeans on their own.

The pants do take some time to put on / take off. Zippers located at the ankle help aid the on/off process and the shin and keen armor can be adjusted to move up or down to conform to the fit of the individual rider's leg length.

Once the pants are on and snugly fitted, it feels as if they are not even there! Because of their snug fit we recommend you choose your size carefully. They armor is hardly noticable asides from the knee armor which will rub against you when walking. The pants almost feel like a tight pair of 'long-John's' and can be comfortably worn in casual environments. Depending on the temperature, we recommend taking them off for periods greater than 1-2 hours between rides.


As mentioned earlier the pants provide protection in several areas, the shins, hips, thighs, and tail bone - areas a rider is most likely to hit in an crash situation. The armor is CE certified carbon fibre. The snug fit of the Bohn pants ensures that the armor will protect the rider - as both padding and armor are only good if they remain in place and do not shift from the areas they are meant to protect.

The Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants and their Adventure pants will provide some abrasion resistance but are primarily designed to protect against impact injury. In should be noted however, that most motorcyclist injuries are caused by riders impacting with the road, other vehicles, or stationary objects, opposed to abrasive injuries from sliding across the road, this stresses the importance of wearing gear that protects against impacts. For riders who want both impact and abrasion protection, wearing protective abrasion resistant motorcycle pants, such as leather motorcycle pants, over-top of Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants will provide the rider with the gear they need to safeguard against both situations.


The mesh material in the Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants does provide great air ventilation, and although the mesh material is stretchable, due to it's mesh nature it must be handled with care especially when pulling on / taking off the pants as to not cause any tears or rips in the material. The Adventure version, designed for all-season wear, is more durable and is made with heavy duty-Lycra and costs slightly less than the Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure version. One minor pet peeve of ours is that zippers near the ankles cause some rubbing against the skin when tucked into a shin high boot. A Velcro clasp would improve this perhaps we may see this on next year's model.

show me the money

Bohn sells their pants for USD $169. They are currently offering a special where if you buy two pairs you can save $63 for a total of $232 - a superb deal for those of us who have significant other's who ride with us regularly.

overall value

The Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants provide the rider with excellent impact protection that stays securely in place rarely seen in most other motorcycle protective pants. The pants are hardly noticeable to the wearer when worn and virtually unnoticeable to others when wearing them off the motorcycle. The pants do tend to get a bit warm, and the all season Adventure pants with their non-mesh material get even warmer - however, the safe rider's mantra - "I'd rather sweat than bleed" echo's that this is not a major issue for most riders.

Although the pants provide superb impact protection the rider should keep in mind that they will need additional gear to fully protect against abrasion. Considering the Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure pants are targeted to rider's who primarily only wear jeans anyways, these pants are a giant step up in terms of safety protection for Bohn's target market. For those of us who want the best of both worlds, and whom may already have abrasion resistant pants - combining the two types of protection will ensure protection against either type of injury risk.


  • Style: 5/10
  • Features: 9/10
  • Safety: 8/10
  • Quality: 8/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • Overall: 8/10